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    MotoGP Chain Lube 500ml

    An extreme pressure lubricant designed for high performance motorcycle chains, which protects against wear and corrosion. Initially a thin free-flowing lubricant when sprayed, penetrates into vital inner pins and bushes of the chain links, where it cushions against shock loading. It quickly sets to provide a non-fling coating and seals the chain, preventing the ingress of water & other contaminants.

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    MotoGP Helmet & Boot Deodoriser 250ml

    It is a microbial product that eliminates odour molecules and stops any odour, it does not mask the smell.

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  • MotoGP Leather Waterproofer 250ml

    A solvent free leather and fabric waterproofer.

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  • MotoGP Synthetic Coat Paint Protection

    A complete paint protection system for DIY application, complete system
    including Pre clean AND synthetic coat.

    • Can be applied to both new and used motorbikes to maintain help factory shine.
    • Bonds into the paintwork pores, forming an extremely durable crystal clear finish.
    • More resilient to solvents, weathering and general wear and tear than other standard
    polish products.
    • Keeps motorbikes looking cleaner for longer, thus reducing cleaning time.

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  • MotoGP Visor Cleaner 75ml

    An effective liquid cleaner for use on visors.

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  • MotoGP Wash & Shine 500ml

    Removes dirt and grime on paintwork & metal. A biodegradable shampoo developed for the effective removal of traffic film for motorbikes. Suitable for all painted surfaces and leaves a beautiful streak free wax finish.

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