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McLaren All Round Car Cleaning Kit

McLaren All Round Car Cleaning Kit

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The McLaren all round car cleaning kit is for somebody that wants to clean their entire vehicle, it makes the perfect gift for a car care enthusiast as they will appreciate every product that it contains.

  • 1 x Dashboard Cleaner cleans all interior surfaces quickly, its advanced formula cleans and conditions in one application, leaving a long-lasting residue-free finish.
  • 1 x Glass Cleaner is used by the race team due to its ease of use and smear-free formulation; it is a professional quality product that’s suitable for glass and plastic.
  • 1 x Red Wheel Cleaner turns the contaminants on the wheel a vivid red, highlighting the dirty areas which makes it incredibly easy use and looking great during and after application.
  • 1 x Bug and Tar Remover does a great job of removing insects and tar but that’s not all, it can remove tape marks and other exterior stains and is easy to use with a spray on and wipe off application.
  • 1 x Waterless Wash and Wax is a versatile product that is used as a quick detailer on paintwork, plastic, glass and even carbon fibre. Simply spray on and wipe off to achieve smooth to the touch finish that leaves great water beading properties.
  • 1 x The McLaren luxury microfibre cloth is ideal for buffing and finishing, and its vibrant papaya colouring proudly supports the team colours.
  • 1 x The McLaren microfibre cloth is designed for everyday use and its papaya fabric makes it stand out in the crowd.
  • 1 x High-quality sponge completes the All round car cleaning kit.

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