williams racing car wash and wax

Ultimotive Williams Racing Car Wash & Wax - 250ml or 500ml

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Ultimotive Williams Racing Wash & Wax is a car wash shampoo that produces a thick luscious biodegradable foam that loosens dirt and soilng on all car paintwork and exterior surfaces.

Its ease of use and highly concentrated formulation make it an exceptional choice for home detailer and car care enthusiast.

A wash and wax car shampoo remains an integral part of the car cleaning process and should be part of any car cleaning routine.

How to use

  • Using just 3 cap-fulls within a 10 litre bucket of warm water, the foam will form and should be applied to the car from the roof downwards.
  • Once the car has been covered, rinse off with clean water and dry the car with a chamois.

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