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  • Caiman Coarse Compound 10

    Caiman Coarse Compound new for 2019, with free delivery. DESCRIPTION • A performance compound which polishes to a superb gloss • An efficient cutting compound for automotive clear coats • Removes sanding marks quickly and effectively to P2000 grit using cutting or wool pad ADVANTAGES • High efficiency & high gloss • Quickly polishes & […]

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  • Caiman Coarse Compound 5

    Caiman Coarse Compound new to 2019 with free delivery DESCRIPTION • A performance heavy cutting compound which removes P1200 sanding grit • Removes sanding marks in the shortest time without damaging the surface ADVANTAGES • High abrasion and yield • Extremely fast cut removal of sanding marks • No dust formation • Saves time and […]

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  • Caiman Fine Compound 30

    Caiman Fine Compound new for 2019, free delivery. DESCRIPTION • A fine abrasive polish • A high gloss polish effectively removes polishing marks, fogging and holograms ADVANTAGES • Produces a brilliant gloss • Free of silicone and fillers TOOLS REQUIRED Orbital/rotary polishing machine or by hand Medium pad, soft pad and microfibre cloth PRODUCT SIZE […]

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  • Caiman Fine Compound Total Cleaner

    DESCRIPTION • A premium pre cleaning agent • Cleans & removes polish, grease etc ADVANTAGES • Easy to use precision spray • Cleans & removes all grease & polishing residues • Does not discolour TOOLS REQUIRED Microfibre cloth PRODUCT SIZE 500ml

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  • Caiman Finishing Sealant 50

    New for 2019 Caiman Finishing Sealant with free next day delivery. DESCRIPTION • Polymer coating for all automotive clear coats • Protects and defends against the effects of the environment • Ultimate beading effect and deep gloss ADVANTAGES • Long lasting protection • Maximum protection against environmental attack • Superb beading properties • Free of […]

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  • Caiman Hard Polishing Pad White

    The high performance pad from Caiman delivers reliable end results quickly. Benefits: –Reusable -Washable -Durable Foam Safe

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  • Caiman Medium Compound 20

    Caiman Medium Compound new for 2019, with free delivery DESCRIPTION • A performance compound that removes sanding marks to P2500 sanding grit • Offers a combination of cutting and gloss production ADVANTAGES • Even polishing pattern • Superb high gloss finish • Free of silicone and fillers TOOLS REQUIRED Orbital/rotary polishing machine Hard pad, medium […]

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  • Caiman Microfibre Cloth Grey x10

    Machine washable lightweight microfibre cloths from Caiman. Takes on all tasks including polishing, cleaning and buffing.  

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  • Caiman Polish Finish Wax 60

    DESCRIPTION • All in one process, medium cut polish, high gloss finish and protection in one product • Polishes out 3000 grit sanding marks • Removes swirls, streaks and fogging • Quickly provides a high gloss surface and protection ADVANTAGES • One step polishing system • Grit 3000 abrasion • Brilliant deep gloss • Silicone […]

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  • Caiman Polishing Pad Black

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  • Caiman Polishing Pad Black Waffle

    New to 2019 The unique blend of foam from Caiman ensures a perfect cut and excellent gloss designed for a mirror show car finish. Benefits: –Reusable -Washable -Durable Foam Performance velcro Safe

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  • Caiman Polishing Pad Lambs wool

    New to 2019, Caiman Polishing and Finishing products. The lambs wool pad from Caiman reduces heat build up and gives a high level of cut. Benefits: reusable washable consistent 100% lambs wool fibres performance velcro safe

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