How To Remove Bird Poop From Your Car

how to remove bird poop from your car

If you are wondering how to get rid of bird poop on car paint, hood, windows or other exterior surfaces, it’s easier than you might think! Read on to find out more.

What To Do With Bird Poop On Your Car?

In an ideal world, act fast as you can – bird poop is much easier to remove when it’s fresh!

You get the hose or a good old fashioned bucket and sponge with some car shampoo, wash it off and apply some car wax and buff off with a microfibre to make it look like new.

However, it is not always possible though is it, the weather may have been hot, or you’ve been a away from the car for a few days, and the bird poop has gone hard.

Hopefully, your car has had some form of paint protection like the Williams Ceramic Coat Paint Protection.

Still, even then this flyby attack on your vehicle needs dealing with, those white and brown bird poo smudges don’t just look nasty they are full of chemicals that attack your paintwork and getting rid of this debris from the sky should be acted upon immediately.

What NOT To Do When Trying To Remove Bird Poop

Whatever you do, do not use a scraper or anything else to ‘scrape’ it off your paintwork, dried bird poop is not nice, and of course, you want it off the car but scraping bird poop off can lead to more damage, and it’s not worth the risk.

How To Remove Bird Poop From Your Car Without Washing

Use a specialised cleaning product, we recommend the Ultimotive Williams Racing Bird Dropping remover to soften the bird poop, whether it’s on the paintwork or exterior glass.

How Do You Use Bird Dropping Remover?

Spray the stain with your chosen bird poop remover, we recommed the Williams Racing Bird Dropping remover, Water then dampen the cloth with the same product and place it over the stain for 10-15 minutes.

To gently get rid the stain, remove the damp cloth from the stain and spray some more of your chosen bird poop remover directly onto the stain.

Leave it for a few seconds and then wipe the area with a clean microfibre. However, don’t scrub the stain! Apply firm pressure but don’t scrub.

Rinse the area thoroughly. It’s probably a good time to wash the whole vehicle making sure that no chemicals are left behind by rinsing the area well with a car shampoo like one of most popular shampoos the Ultimotive Williams Racing Wash and Wax.

You may want to wipe the area with another clean microfibre to help prevent streaks or watermarks – or you can use the windscreen wipers if the stain was on the windscreen.

That’s it, that’s all there is to it, to be extra cautious and to eliminate any chance of the bird poop making contact with your skin wear a pair of disposable gloves.